Curriculum Statement - Year 3 & 4

Arriving fresh & excited from the strong foundations provided in key stage 1, year 3 / 4 is an opportunity to develop your children’s independent learning and grow their knowledge in a supportive environment as they prepare for upper key stage two.  

By the end of Year 4, our aim is for children to be well rounded and resilient individuals that are ready for the faster pace of learning in upper key stage 2.



Curriculum Statement - Year 5 & 6

Upper key stage 2 is vibrant and dynamic year group challenges and supports the learning needs of the pupils. We strive to ensure high standards in all academic areas by making sure work is highly differentiated and stimulating to pupils of all abilities.

Upper key stage prepares children for their next big transition to secondary school, giving pupils the tools and confidence they need to independently access their learning.


Teaching aims to equip our children with skills and knowledge to become critical thinkers, have informed opinions and build an understanding of themselves and of the world. By developing these skills and attributes, children will be able to enhance their well-being and see value in each other and everybody in society.


Our scheme covers all the objectives set out in our RSE and PSHE curriculum to ensure a varied and consolidated curriculum.


Teaching is broken down into five areas: citizenship; economic well-being; families and relationships; safety and the changing body and health and wellbeing. We promote structured discussions that encourage children to question, challenge and respect each other so they can take their place in modern Britain.


In Upper KS2, children further develop their understanding of families and relationships, stereotyping and conflict resolution. They learn to take greater responsibility for their physical and mental health and about puberty, including menstruation and conception. The topic of being responsible digital citizens is also explored further.


Year 5 – Health and Wellbeing: Learning to take greater responsibility for sleep, sun safety, healthy eating and managing feelings; setting goals and embracing failure; understanding the importance of rest and relaxation.


Year 5 - Safety and the Changing Body: Exploring the emotional and physical changes of puberty, including menstruation; learning about online safety, influence, strategies to overcome potential dangers and how to administer first aid to someone who is bleeding.


Year 6 – Health and Wellbeing: Learning about diet, oral hygiene, physical activity and the facts around immunisation. Exploring rest and relaxation and how they affect physical and mental health. Strategies for being resilient in challenging situations and planning for long-term goals.


Year 6 – Safety and the Changing Body: Learning about: the reliability of online information; the changes experienced during puberty; how a baby is conceived and develops; the risks associated with alcohol and how to administer first aid to someone who is choking or unresponsive.


Children are enabled to develop vocabulary and the confidence to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a climate of openness, trust and respect and know when to seek support from others.


We hope that this will then have a positive impact on the whole child, including their academic development and progress, by mitigating any social and emotional barriers to learning and building confidence and self-esteem.